EVB puts up its own ‘Elf Yourself’ Google ad


Back to the "Elf Yourself" thing for a moment. EVB and Toy New York actually have a good relationship, I'm told. While both agencies want credit for their part in bringing OfficeMax's "Elf Yourself" to life, they get along just fine. EVB CEO Daniel Stein told me that Toy recently referred a potential client to EVB. They should be able to commiserate now that both got the boot from the Elf campaign this year after JibJab offered to do it for free. Still, EVB is getting into the Google ad game, after a Toy ad claimed sole credit for the endeavor. On Wednesday, a search on "elf yourself" yielded an EVB listing on top of Toy's ad. I went to check if BBDO and Big Spaceship are dueling for HBO "Voyeur" credit through Google ads. It turns out Big Spaceship's case study on "Voyeur" is the top natural search result. BBDO doesn't show up. The ads? Well, they're, um, not about advertising.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey