Ethan Chandler’s CD features no U2 covers

Though he put it to questionable use on Bank of America’s “One Bank” song, Ethan Chandler does have a decent voice. And it turns out that BofA’s most notorious Manhattan bank manager actually has his very own CD, Better Days Ahead, which he recorded in 2002. Considering the abuse he’s gotten in the past week, it seems only fair that we advertise the record, which you can buy on iTunes. On his Web site,, Chandler explains the album’s genesis: “I wanted to make a record that was about how hard life can be when you love people and then they leave; whether you wanted them to or not. I was at a point in life when people where (sic) moving in and out of my life. So a lot of this record is about relationships because relationships are hard, whether they are romantic or not. They take a lot of work and they take two people who are willing to accept each other unconditionally and sometimes that’s not even enough.  Sometimes people come into your life for a reason and they leave just as fast and it doesn’t make sense. For me, songwriting is therapy; I just shut myself off to the world for about six months and wrote until I found some closure and things seemed to make sense again.” CD Baby, which is also selling the album, says it offers “a thought-provoking set of tight songs, with strong hooks on the choruses, and crafty, memorable melody lines.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd