ESPN Celebrates Brazil’s Legacy and Love of Soccer in First World Cup Promo

This party's been 64 years in the making

It's 2014, which means the World Cup is back—and back in Brazil for the first time since 1950. To get fans excited (as if they needed help), ESPN has released a nearly two-minute anthem for the FIFA World Cup, which the network will be broadcasting live.

It intercuts recognizable victories with abstract visions of Brazilian culture. Best of all, it makes sure to juxtapose the famous players with the street kids of today whose love of soccer is fueling the next generation of players in what is one of the world's most accessible sports. There are no words in the spot because no words are needed. Soccer is coming back to its spiritual home. Let's hope Brazil's special riot force of 10,000 troops will be able to contain all the excitement that ESPN drums up.