This ESPN Ad Will Get You Even More Pumped Up for Today’s USA-Belgium Match

Bruised and bloodied, not beaten

You may have heard there's a little soccer match being played today. In honor of that game—USA versus Belgium, for those who have somehow avoided World Cup news (to which I ask, how?)—ESPN on Tuesday unleashed the new "I Believe" spot below.

If you need pumping up before the 4 p.m. kickoff—and shouting "USA! USA! USA!" in the mirror somehow isn't enough—check it out. It has everything: slow-motion shots of players, close-ups of spit and snot and blood, enraged faces, the glory of history and the fear of defeat, all to the tune of an epic soundtrack.

To top it off, the in-house team at ESPN ended the spot by bringing back the "I Believe" chant. "The chant has caught fire in bars, fan clubs, public viewing events and social media and has become the unifying narrative for this U.S. World Cup journey," said Seth Ader, ESPN's senior director of sports marketing.

Oh, and now that you're pumped up and practically ready to explode, let's put things in perspective: FiveThirtyEight says the USA has a 0.6 percent chance of winning the World Cup. Underdogs!