Erin Go Blah: Brand Tweets Won’t Make You Green With Envy This St. Patrick’s Day

Dialing back the merrymaking

It's that time of year again, folks. St. Patrick's Day! A day to commemorate something about snakes and a potato famine, or drinking green beer and singing a little ditty, or … what is it about, anyway?

Judging by today's branded tweets, it's about green clothes, shaming your pets with green clothes, and making green food—and if it's not green, adding green things to it.

Notably quiet are the alcohol brands, with nary a St. Patrick's Day mention from Guinness, Budweiser, Miller Lite … ahh, there you are, Coors Light. Way to come through. Check out some of today's branded St. Patrick's Day banality on Twitter below. Cheers!


Golden, Colo., is sort of like Dublin.


Cat-shaming, courtesy of the ASPCA.


Why, Rock & Rawhide, why?


Nokia tries a little flag-waving.


Come again, Tropicana?


Lucky Charms, this isn't magically auspicious.


Pillsbury, d'oh.


Brb, headed to JCPenney.


Nice try, Papa John's.


DiGior … no way.


At least you put a green M&M in there, Baskin-Robbins.


Kellogg's rocks the shamrock.


Charmin's potty humor might just top them all.