Eric Gagne, anti-endorser of the moment

All but useless
for the Boston Red Sox since his trade from the Texas Rangers, pitcher Eric Gagne is suffering the kind of abuse that’s usually reserved for operators of dogfighting rings. And his detractors are a Web-2.0-savvy bunch, having set up some 100 Facebooks groups devoted to their hatred of the goateed reliever. (Among them: “Americans for Deporting Eric Gagne,” “The Eric Gagne Depreciation Group,” “Eric Gagne Is Completely Horrible” and “Eric Gagne Should Be Kicked in the Balls By Everyone in New England.”) We would worry about Gagne’s commercial endorsements, except he doesn’t seem to have any (that we could find), which itself seems odd for a player of his stature. Instead, we are concerned about the collateral damage to certain New England businesses — specifically, Gagne Painting Co. in Rhode Island, Gagne & Son concrete company in Maine and, particularly, Gagne Enterprises in Massachusetts. Time for a quick rebranding.

—Posted by Tim Nudd