Enjoy Twitter ad links without all the Twitter

A common and persuasive argument against Twitter is: "Who has the time?" It's true that Twitter can be a rabbit hole that sucks up big chunks of a day. On the other hand, Twitter is a gold mine for links to useful information. McKinney's Nick Jones hopes to reconcile the advantages and drawbacks with a neat new project called "Crowwws Nest." Jones pretty much quit using Twitter because it took up too much of his time, but he didn't deny the value of it. So, he used the time he wasn't tweeting to build something. Crowwws Nest gathers—oh hell, curates, if that's your thing—the links shared by 250 ad-world tweeters. The site then displays the top 10 most-shared links among the ad world's twitterati. The site updates itself every 15 minutes, eliminating duplications along the way. Jones tells us he worked off our own Adweek 25 list, of which he was briefly a member until he retired to work on more productive matters. Looks like he used the time well.