Enjoy this lovely fake winter with L.L. Bean


There are two points of interest in this unabashedly sappy GSD&M Idea City holiday spot for L.L. Bean. One is the appearance of page numbers all around the family's house. It's like a Twilight Zone episode where everyone discovers they're trapped inside an L.L. Bean catalog—and therefore, in hell. The other intriguing note, not apparent from the clip but flogged in the press release, is that "Sticks+Stones director Jerry Brown created an intimate white Christmas, shot on a 95 degree day in Pasadena." L.L. Bean catalog, Pasadena—it really is hell. The spot's title is "Making Christmas," which is apt, as they had to actually make the snow that's falling and the white-powder terrain. If it underscores the "phoniness" of holiday sales pitches, at least the client didn't have to pay for an Aspen junket to capture the perfect winter tableau.

—Posted by David Gianatasio