Enjoy the holidays richly

Citiblog_2Oh goody, one less thing AdFreak has to shop for—gift tags.

True, money isn’t everything, as Fallon and “Live richly” client Citi love to remind us. But even they know that snowflakes and Santa Clauses aren’t great stocking stuffers. So while their new print ads do offer warm and fuzzy reminders of what the holidays are (supposedly) really about, they include peel-away gift-tag labels that say things like, “I couldn’t wrap my intentions, so I got you this” and “It’s the thought that counts, but it’s not as fun to unwrap.” Now that’s the spirit!

You know what is fun to unwrap? Stuff. So, if you happen to be tearing through the mall, swiping the stuffing out of your bank account with that Citi card, remember: Grandma might be amused if you slap a tag on your forehead and offer her a hug, but AdFreak prefers booze.

–Posted by Deanna Zammit