Is Eminem/Apple ad something we've seen before?

When we noted the other day that Apple did not yet have a
link up on its site to its new-look Apple silhouette ad starring Eminem, a
reader commented it was perhaps not on the site because it bore a striking
similarity to a 2001 spot for Lugz footwear. We did a little investigating. First
and foremost, the similarities between the Eminem/Apple spot and the Lugz spot are
striking—nay, stunning—and worth taking a second to check out. Even looking at the screen-grabs here gets the point across; a frame from the Lugz ad is up and at left; two frames from the Eminem ad are below and at right. (To stream the
Lugz ad, go to this link, then click on “Archive,” then “Lugz” and then “01”.) But,
frankly, we can’t figure out what’s going on with the Eminem link on the Apple
site, and at any rate, we doubt it has something to do with a kerfuffle between
Apple and Lugz—at least at this point, since we saw the Eminem ad on air over
the weekend.  A small Eminem icon has been added to the “TV ads” section here,
but it still directs you to the ad featuring U2. (If you want to check the
Eminem ad out again, here’s how. You can go to this link—thanks Ivan—or click on this link to
Apple’s Webcast announcing the launch of the video iPod; then fast forward until
the time counter hits just past 31:30.) We’d love to hear your comments. [UPDATE: As of Tuesday morning, the link to the Eminem spot on the Apple site was working. Click here.]