Emerald Nuts’ Favorite Stupidly Simple Amazon Review Is Now Its Tagline: ‘Yes Good’

Barton F. Graf brings other goofy reviews comically to life

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The writer of the new tagline for Emerald Nuts is not an ad professional. In fact, no one knows who the hell he or she is. All agency Barton F. Graf knows is that this person left a stunning review of Emerald Nuts on Amazon last summer that summed up the brand in the simplest, most positive way possible: “Yes good.”

Which is now the rallying cry for a whole new ad campaign.

“Emerald Nuts believes in championing their customer and fans—they’re not going to tell you how good their nuts are; they’re going to let their customers do it for them,” the brand tells AdFreak. And indeed, the new campaign goes beyond “Yes good” into lots more Amazon reviews. But first, check out this video backstory about the “Yes good” line itself:

The whole idea has that overly self-conscious, navel-gazing element to it. But that is balanced out by the fact that the reviews are real, and fawning, and a fun modern twist on consumer testimonials.

Once Barton F. Graf had the idea, it ran with it.

For a series of online videos, the agency got a bunch of artists, directors, animators and musicians to bring other funny, glowing Amazon reviews of Emerald Nuts to life. The series is called “Revue of Reviews.” Check out a bunch of those videos here:

There are also out-of-home ads (see below).

And on its website, the brand will be changing all of the product descriptions to real customer reviews of Emerald Nuts.

Crowdsourcing comedy from Amazon’s reviews sections is nothing new, of course. (It’s been eight years since the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt blew up.) The twist here is the focus on gushingly positive feedback—instead of, more commonly, sarcastic reviews.

It’s also a campaign that’s quickly renewable. Emerald Nuts is asking fans to add more reviews, with the promise that they might be used in future ads. (The best one that appears not to have been used thus far is this one, from April 2016: “If my wife could grind these up, cut them on a mirror, and inhale them with a straw without causing nasal issues, she would. They’re that good. It’s just a shame that they don’t come in larger packages.”)

And by the way, Barton F. Graf does want to find the person who wrote “Yes good.” The only clues were the reviewer’s Amazon wish list—a wireless doorbell, a wristwatch and a vacuum cleaner. The brand is promising to buy the entire wishlish if this person reveals him or herself at yesgood.website.

“Yes Good”
Client: Snyder’s of Hanover
Brand: Emerald Nuts
Agency: Barton F. Graf
Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Graf
Chief Executive Officer: Barney Robinson
Chief Strategy Officer: Laura Janness
Executive Creative Director: Ian Reichenthal
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Head of Integrated Production: Josh Morse
Producer: Zamile Vilakazi
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Account Supervisor: Marla McCormick
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Designer: Robert Broadbent
Creative Technologist: Owen Weeks
Head of Business Affairs: Jennifer Pannent

“Yes Good” Video Production Credits
Production Company: Et Cetera
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“Revue of Reviews” Artist Production Credits
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“My Boys” – Mike Warzin
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“Seriously Tasty” – Georgia
“The Huntress” – Mickael Illick @ Dummy Films
“The Trendsetter” – James Kerr
“My Husband” – Kelsey Dake
“The Gospel” – Reed and Rader
“Three-a- Days” – Robin Eisenberg
“Taste the Dill” and “Oh My” – Tee Tones
“Father’s Day” – Grindmother

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.