Eli Manning Is Itching to Banana Dance and Karaoke With You in DirecTV’s New Ads

NFL Sunday Ticket spots say you're better without cable

Would you rather rescue Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo from a burning building, or save half a sandwich for the long ride home?

Well, that probably depends on what kind of season Tony's having … and, frankly, on just how much you like your ham on rye.

"Romo vs. Sandwich" is just one absurd choice offered in Grey's amusing new ads that tout AT&T's DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket platform for fans who want to catch every out-of-market NFL game:

Three silly spots breaking today contrast the "two potential YOUs this football season." In each case, Cable You is uncool and makes wimpy choices. On the other hand, DirecTV You is super coolsville and makes all the right moves.

DirecTV You would definitely pull Romo from the flames … and would also enjoy a night of karaoke with New York Giants QB Eli Manning:

And DirecTV You would absolutely help Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck fish adorable puppies out of a well:

They look a lot like those Budweiser pups, don't they?

"The quarterbacks really get into the concepts we come up with and become very involved in the process," Valerie Vargas, AT&T vp, advertising and marketing communications, tells AdFreak.

Romo, Manning and Luck team up for this final spot, with Eli slipping into a banana costume:

"Eli was such a fan of the banana costume, it looks like he will be wearing it again for Halloween," Vargas says. "(And) Tony was hilarious when selecting his costume, as he really wanted to adhere to a 1980's Miami Vice aesthetic."

Romo's saxophone solo was appealing, n'est-ce pas? (Or, in keeping with the football theme, n'est-ce pass?) Maybe NFL Sunday Ticket crooner Lionel Richie—last spotted hanging out with Peyton Manning—should tap Tony to play at his next gig:


Agency: Grey Group

Client: DirecTV

Vice President, Advertising: Valerie Vargas

Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist

Executive Creative Directors: Steve Fogel, Doug Fallon

Writer: Maddison Bradley

Art Director: Jon Robbins

Agency Executive Producer: Andrew Chinich

Agency Producer: Lindsay Myers

Agency Assistant Producer: Jake Wanamaker

Senior Vice President, Account Director: Elena Grasmann

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