Eli Manning, goofy endorser extraordinaire

Eli Since Sunday, many sports-marketing "experts" have been talking up Giants QB Eli Manning as the next big endorsement name in the business. (“Manning poised to storm Madison Ave. after big win,” says a typical Sports Illustrated piece.) On the other hand, people who have actually seen Eli speak wonder whether he’s up for the job. One AdFreak reader points to this Giants.com page, for example, where Manning pops up and says a few awkward words about the Toyota Tundra, as evidence that he should stick to football. (“Even I think Eli should limit his acting to drawing ‘roughing the passer’ penalties,” says the reader.) But while Eli may never master the macho-jock role, he’d be right at home in goofier comic roles—of which there is no shortage in sports marketing. In related news, yes, Eli Manning is going to Disney World.

—Posted by Tim Nudd