‘The Electric Company’ is powering up again

"It’s the old one, mixed with High School Musical and a Dr Pepper commercial." That’s how a PBS exec summarizes an updated version of The Electric Company set to air in January. And while the description doesn’t sound so promising, at least the remake of the kids’ literacy show from the ’70s will feature a cameo by original cast member Rita Moreno. PBS would do well to have her revisit her classic “Hey You Guyyyyys!” opening exultation. I used to bellow that phrase all day long–at maximum volume, just like Rita – in second grade. I never did play well with others. Here’s a clip of Moreno and Morgan Freeman (both Oscar winners!) performing “The Menu Song” from the original EC. I still sing it in my cubicle at work sometimes. Sorry, Human Resources, but some of us will never out outgrow the taste for a jellybean salad.

—Posted by David Gianatasio