EIBWC Podcast: The War of the Social Media Platforms

Everything Is Better With Creators returns for season 2 with guest Kaya Yurieff of The Information

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We’re kicking off Season 2 of Everything Is Better With Creators with Kaya Yurieff, creator economy reporter at The Information. With over 100,000 followers reading her creator economy newsletter, Yurieff is the go-to expert for all things related to business strategies and the creator economy ecosystem.

In this episode, Yurieff and Whalar’s chief growth officer Jamie Gutfreund shed light on why more and more brands are getting creators off the mood board and into the boardroom. Yurieff’s also shares her take on why creators and brands should embrace cutting-edge technologies such as A.I. to expand their reach and the growing concern of creator burnout.

Join us as we explore how the role of the Creator is far more multidimensional than anyone ever expected.