EIBWC Podcast: Building a Global Online Community for Social Justice

The Worldwide Tribe's Jaz O'Hara on building a more inclusive and equitable world

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In this episode of Everything Is Better With Creators, we’re speaking with Jaz O’Hara: creator, podcaster and founder of The Worldwide Tribe. 

The Worldwide Tribe is an organization and online community dedicated to supporting and bringing attention to the plight of refugees and asylum seekers globally. O’Hara and her team use social media to raise awareness and advocacy by providing an alternative narrative about the human side of migration, amplifying the voices of those impacted and working towards creating a more inclusive and just world. As she notes, the digital space offers unprecedented opportunities to create change and make a difference.

O’Hara’s work is a powerful reminder of the impact that creators and social justice advocates can have in building a more inclusive and equitable world.

This interview was recorded in September of 2022 and refers to events occurring then.