eBay Opens Scannable Storefront in Manhattan

QR codes take you to product pages

"Happy chic" designer Jonathan Adler took some time away from whatever he's doing now to help put together eBay's first storefront. It's located in New York City, naturally. Each item in the storefront has a QR code; if you scan a code with your eBay phone app, you're directed to a special purchasing page within the app. What's that, you say? No, it's not a slightly more complicated version of browsing the site on your computer. Shut up. It's a dynamic and totally new 24-hour shopping experience. In all seriousness, though, I could see this spreading to other, more traditional retail brands. I wonder what the post-singularity equivalent of being pestered about store memberships and item warranties will be like. Another image after the jump. Via PSFK.