Eating breakfast in style in Chicago

It’s not often that those of us in Flyoverland get something before our Big Apple brethren do. So let me be the first to gloat that Chicago has landed a Cereality cereal bar/restaurant before New York (where some AdFreaks are still anxiously awaiting a debut). I haven’t been there yet (it’s been open two days), but I’m intrigued by the concept, particularly the kind of experimentation that would give my mother fits—like putting malted milk balls on my cereal. (Don’t worry, Mom, I’m still a purist—bananas only.) Given that General Mills just last week announced a campaign to get kids to eat more cereal, it seems the time is right to reintroduce that old cult fave, Quisp, to the masses. Apparently, I also live in one of the few places that sells the brand in stores. Chicago truly is a great city.