East Meets Wild West in Rhett & Link’s Crazy Ad for Chinese Eatery

Kung POW! chicken blows cowboy away

"Feed me, or I will shoot you and burn down your establishment." How many times have I shouted that at Carl's Jr. and still had to wait for service? The line doesn't work any better for the cowboy in Rhett & Link's commercial for Frontier Wok, a Wild West-themed Chinese eatery in Burbank, Calif. The guy winds up on the losing end of a quick-draw food shootout with the restaurant's manager, felled by the Kung POW! chicken. "That is some tasty Kung POW! chicken. I'm glad I had my last meal at the Frontier Wok," the cowboy says as he expires. Frontier Wok's entrees probably aren't deadly in real life, though the place does promise "Chinese food so good, it'll blow you away," so you never know. The spot sends up both Westerns and Asian martial-arts movies with out-of-sync dubbed dialogue, which is horribly cliched at this point, but still funny. At the end, the manager rides off into the sunset on a small pony, determined no doubt to set up a franchise in the British Isles.

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