EA Sports shares life lessons from Iron Mike

Headshot of T.L. Stanley

We've seen a kinder, gentler Mike Tyson lately as the former heavyweight champ with fists of steel promotes his Animal Planet series about racing pigeons, Taking on Tyson. In fact, he's said that the first time he ever threw a punch was when a childhood bully offed one of his beloved birds. But it's the powerful, dangerous Tyson that can still mesmerize, and EA Sports obviously capitalizes on that fact with the documentary-style video below, part of the new campaign for Fight Night Champion. To hype the mature-rated game — taglined "brutality builds champions" — San Francisco ad agency Heat and Brooklyn-based media firm Vice launched a six-minute clip of Tyson trotting out some demons, including the "total destruction and surrender" he tried to achieve in the ring. (There are also videos of Joe Frazier, Tommy Morrison and Bernard Hopkins). Tyson also gives a peek into the prison experience, "where life doesn't mean nothing more than a bag of potato chips and a Coke."

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