EA caught using Xbox gameplay in Wii spot

An Electronic Arts commercial for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 has been banned in the U.K. in its current form for using Xbox 360 footage to promote the Wii version of the game. In the ad, Tiger is seen swinging a Wiimote, and the whole ad is overset with the Wii logo, but the graphics are Xbox. In its defense, EA said the Wii footage was not "of broadcast quality." Aside from a few nice Xbox shadows, the difference isn't that dramatic in the comparison above (larger version of the image here); it's certainly not as drastic as this tongue-in-cheek depiction. Even if it were, EA's solution is baffling. C'mon guys, video-game ads have been getting around showing real gameplay through good old-fashioned creativity since the Atari. You intercut small amounts of game footage into bigger amounts of non-game footage to create an amusing movie, an elaborate musical theater production, or even a full-length trailer in beautiful HD animation. Stealing another man's graphics? That's like claiming Tiger Woods can walk on water or something. It's just plain sacrilegious. Via Offworld.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers