Dynamic Logic COO is wounded in Iraq

Tomdeierlein_5In August, we wrote a post about Tom Deierlein (at right in photo), COO of ad research firm Dynamic Logic, a West Point grad who had been called to active duty in Iraq and was keeping his colleagues in the loop with highly detailed e-mails. Deierlein was wounded on Sept. 9, shot by a sniper. As he says in this e-mail, sent from Walter Reed Army Medical Center, “Unfortunately, as more foreign fighters enter the city, more (very) well trained snipers are out and about with devastating effect.” You can read the complete e-mail at Madison Avenue Journal. As a side project in Iraq, Deierlein had been asking people to send toys, school supplies, clothes and vitamins to help children in Iraq. That continues. Donations can be sent to: CPT Drew Corbin, A Co. 414th CA – FOB Loyalty, APO AE 09390. Mad Ave Journal is matching financial donations of up to $2,500 for supplies that Deierlein has asked to be donated. Meanwhile, if you’d like to post a note to him, go to this site, set up by his colleagues at Dynamic Logic.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor