Dynamic duo embody spirit of Chevy trucks


Campbell-Ewald put together this baffling series of videos for Chevy trucks starring Patrick Warburton (aka Brock F'ing Samson, aka the Top of the Line PC) and The Office's Craig Robinson as a personified Duramax diesel V8 engine and Allison transmission, respectively. They certainly have a close friendship, and exotic taste in rustic cabin decoration, but by the time baby Powerstroke shows up in the third video, the whole concept seems rudderless. Funny, yes, but the jokes are straining past any meaningful connection to the Chevy brand. If they're trying to expand beyond their usual demographics, more power to them, but it looks like they have no idea whom to engage. To be fair, though, these spots are way more entertaining than the usual "driving around empty desert/mountain roads" stuff we usually see in car ads. More of them after the jump.