Dwyane Wade fills new Nike spot with dread

This Nike spot from Wieden + Kennedy, casting Dwyane Wade as a defender's ultimate bad dream, is a faux-spooky visual feast that's more compelling than most horror-movie trailers. The scary-movie details are transported to the basketball court with terrific effect and plunge the proceedings into a deliciously demonic realm. We've got dancing tiles on the parquet floor, an evil fog that's building in intensity, D-Wade's eerily advancing shadow and, in what's never a good sign, his sinister glowing eyes. With all that, the guy standing between Wade and the hoop should get the message and join the fans, cheerleaders and courtside media in bolting from the arena posthaste. Since it's supposed to be a nightmare, maybe he's glued to the spot. Whatever the reason, he's going to regret taking this particular charge, though the buzzards perched on the backboard will be glad he did. Via Adland.

—Posted by David Gianatasio