Durex's Fundawear Lets You Reach Out and Touch Someone, Over the Internet

Built-in sensors make you giggle and more

Durex Australia and agency Havas Worldwide in Sydney have invented Fundawear—underwear that's fun to wear because it allows your partner to remotely operate sensors and "touch" you over the Internet. Tickle her titties or send a jolt down under with electric pulses from sensors built into the underwear and controlled via a cellphone app. I guess when you can't be close enough to use a condom, it's the next best thing. The idea is just one of the brand's "Durexperiments" (why are science-y projects so popular in ads all of a sudden?). It's pretty awesome, and designed for viral success, but of course when they call it a world's first in the video, it's not. Remote-control sex toys have been around for ages. Many of the female ones are wearable, and you know there are even existing phone apps to control them long distance. But who gives a bleeping flip? It's a great experiment. Want your own pair? You have to enter a contest on Durex Austrialia's Facebook page. Or jury-rig a Tens unit.