Dunkin’ Donuts orders big cup of YouTube

We’ve reached the zenith—or is it the nadir?—of Web 2.0. You can now visit the Dunkin’ Donuts channel on YouTube. Of course, there’s a UGC contest going on there. Explains Dunkin’ honcho Frances Allen: “Our loyal customers regularly tell us stories, both heartwarming and funny, about how they keep this country running. We’re pleased to launch our new YouTube channel to give people a chance to tell their unique stories in their own creative way.” Oddly, I have seen folks at Dunkin’ tell “stories” in “creative ways” about how they “keep this country running.” Scary stuff. Anyway, I enter all marketing-related contests here on AdFreak, and this one’s a no-brainer. Rachael Ray walks into a shop with a cup of joe from Starbucks, and Fred the Baker takes his doughy, caffeinated revenge. That’s how I keep America running. Here’s Fred in a classic ’80s spot. Bakerman, this French vanilla’s for you!

—Posted by David Gianatasio