Dunkin’ claims taste-test win vs. Starbucks

Hill, Holliday has created a new commercial and Web site touting blind taste-test results favoring Dunkin’ Donuts coffee over Starbucks. I conducted a test of my own, pounding down Dunkin’ coffee non-stop all day yesterday and Starbucks today to see which buzz is more righteous and "far out." For kicks, I also wore a blindfold. The Dunkin’ coffee made me hallucinate that the sexy field researcher in the ad morphed into a giant Dutch man-cat who got my doughnut order wrong over and over, just like the counter help at Dunkin’ in real life. After my first dozen Starbucks lattes, I stripped to my shorts, adopted the nerdy mannerisms of John Hodgman and tried to convince co-workers that Vista’s not really that bad, all while standing on my head. AdFreak’s lawyers have advised me to add: Do not try drinking this much coffee at home! I am a professional blogger and do stuff like this all the time! (Or at least I say I do.) Now, what’s a guy gotta do to get a refill around here?

—Posted by David Gianatasio