The dumbness of agency life, word for word

Here’s a comical site: AdVerbatims. They’re collecting what they claim to be actual conversations that took place in ad agencies. The site launched last month, and already they’ve got 170 quotes. “Make the logo bigger” has yet to appear, but here are seven other logo-related quotes from the site:

   1. Client: “Can you please send me the logo in ‘pectoral’?” (meaning “vectorial”)
   2. Account executive: “I’m going home, we’re presenting the campaign tomorrow. Have you started with the pieces yet? Let me take a quick look, I just want to see the logos.”
   3. Client marketing manager: “The thing is, when a logo is in JPEG, it ‘pixelizes.’”
   4. Account director: “Can you send me the logo?” Designer: “Yes. What size?” Account director: “As big as you can so we can use it for other assignments.” Designer: “How about 70 meters?”
   5. Account executive: “Send that logo in Word or in Mac.”
   6. Agency executive: “The sponsor’s logo, where do you want it to link?” Client: “Site A and site B.” Agency executive: “No, we can’t make it link with two places.” Client: “Exactly. That’s why clicking on the logo you should be able to go to site A or site B.”
   7. Account supervisor: “I need to know whether these logos, made in Illustrator, have enough resolution for printing.”

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—Posted by Tim Nudd