Dude! You’re skating on my back.

“Human skateboarding takes the country by storm.” That’s the headline of a press release I got today from Sneaux. Frankly, I never recovered from the opening line: “Picture yourself skating through the park, but instead of your trusty board below you, it’s your best friend.” Hey, I don’t have any friends who are willing to give me a lift home in their cars, let alone offer up their bodies as the means of transportation. In any case, the company is mounting an ad campaign for its “skate-inspired fashion footwear.” Check out the TV commercial, from Margeotes Fertitta Powell, here. That guy is going to have some serious road rash. It’s way too hip for me, but if you ever decide to try human skateboarding, take my advice: Make sure the rider isn’t wearing cleats.

—Posted by David Gianatasio