Dude rides mower across America for Sears

Sears is in the midst of a social-media campaign this summer in which a guy is riding a Craftsman lawn mower from Los Angeles to New York. Lucas Van Engen, a New York actor, is the lucky dude. He should be glad they've given him a riding mower, rather than making him push a hand mower across the continent. Y&R Chicago and Designkitchen hatched the campaign. They're tracking Lucas with a Posterous blog, Facebook profile and Google Maps integration. He's uploading photos and videos along the way. The tractor maxes out at a top speed of 9 mph, but Lucas is making progress: He's made it to Aurora, Mo., in two months. That leaves him a little over a month to cover another 1,600 miles—doable if he spends a good six hours a day on the mower.