Duchovny now taking whatever he’s given


With the shockingly poor box-office performance of The X-Files: I Want to Believe killing off the last vestige of his ’90s superstardom (Californication doesn’t count—no one watches that!), David Duchovny needed a fallback position. And he’s found it, appearing in Toth Brand Imaging’s upcoming national print campaign for sportswear company Johnston & Murphy. D.D. joins B-listers Ziggy Marley, BMX rider Mat Hoffman and ex-football player Tiki Barber as J&M pitchmen. The text of the ads reads, “Johnston, Murphy & Duchovny,” just in case people don’t recognize the not-so-gracefully aging former anchor of Fox’s Sunday night lineup. Mass acclaim, global recognition and big endorsements are still out there, but the truth is, it could take a self-deprecating “elder statesman” role on an HBO drama or—sigh—the “Daddy” part on a CW sitcom to jump-start any Shatner-esque comeback. On the plus side, Gillian Anderson’s still hot!

—Posted by David Gianatasio