Drooling over Dr Pepper’s high-def banner

"The sight and sound of an ice cold can of Dr Pepper being poured into a glass will get AOL users drooling if the brand’s new digital ad campaign does its job." This is according to Brandweek. In fact, “Drool” is the name of the ad. Crafted by VML and EyeWonder, it’s shot in “ultra high-definition,” breaks in May, and “allows consumers to zoom in and see a bead of sweat slipping down the side of the can as well as watch the fizz bubbling up on the top.” Seriously, just how “high-def” can this banner be? “The brand isn’t just the hero, it’s the superhero,” says Mike Griffin, evp at EyeWonder, going for the pullout quote. Dr Pepper, you’ll recall, gave us Tay Zonday and “Cherry Chocolate Rain,” so we know they’ll stoop to any level to move some product. Ultra high-def reminds me of “Sensurround,” which was supposed to revolutionize movies, but just gave people headaches—and made a few people drool. Earthquake debuted in Sensurround back in ’74. R.I.P., Chuck Heston.

—Posted by David Gianatasio