Droga5’s First Ad for Seat Stars the Loneliest Race Car in the World

Stuck in an endless loop

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Many of you will feel bad for the race car in Droga5 London’s first ad for automaker Seat. That is because you’re crazy. It has no feelings!

Oh, but it does, and they’re expertly drawn out by director Noam Murro in the 90-second spot below, which cleverly rubbishes the idea that race cars are the pinnacle of automobiles—positing instead that they live in a prison of all work and no play, while road cars are the ones out there having all the fun.

The ad, which mostly features the Seat Leon Cupracer Evo 17 race car but really promotes the Leon Cupra 300HP road car, launched at the Geneva Motor Show this week. It will run in Europe and Mexico, in cinemas and online.

Check it out here:

The idea that the Leon Cupra 300HP is “a race car set free” is reinforced by a key piece of data—that it has 60 percent of the same technology and parts as the Leon Cupracer Evo 17.

Murro, of course, spent years making Volkswagen ads, most of which had a deeply human sensibility. As a connoisseur of humanizing auto advertising, it’s fun to see him shift over and anthropomorphize the machines themselves.

“For a film virtually completely devoid of humans, it’s packed full of humanity,” says Rick Dodds, executive creative director at Droga5. “The emotional connection you make with this metallic beast of a car is testament to the endless skills of Noam [director], Jan [DOP], Bill [editor] and Dustin [composer]. Through timeless storytelling, composition and orchestration, they give Seat’s award-winning race car feelings, a sense of longing and a dream of freedom. And yet never cross the line and turn it into Herbie.”

“Long has the loneliness of the open road been the affliction of many a journeyman,” adds David Kolbusz, Droga5 London’s chief creative officer. “Spare a thought, however, for the car in which he drives. The endless asphalt and concrete is its reason for being. The horizon line, its salvation.”

Client: Seat / Seat Leon Cupra
“A Race Car Set Free”
Agency Droga5 London
Chief Creative Officer David Kolbusz
Executive Creative Directors Rick Dodds, Steve Howell
Copywriter Dan Morris, Teddy Souter
Art Director Charlene Chandrasekaran , Frazer Price
Senior Designer Haider Muhdi
Head of Production Chris Watling
Agency Producer Goldie Robbens
Head of Strategy Toto Ellis
Group Account Director Heather Cuss
Senior Account Manager Rasmus Otto
Production Company Biscuit Filmworks
Director Noam Murro
DOP Jan Richter Friis
Executive Producer Charlotte Woodhead
Producer Kwok Yau
First AD Jay Arthur

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.