Driving us mad

If we’d only had a blog last year, or the year before, we would have written this item a long time ago. But we didn’t, so it’s time to unleash on the nonsensical spot that airs every winter for the Tri-State (that would be New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) Mercedes dealers.

It’s the one that shows two boys madly jumping on their beds early in the morning because it’s snowing. No school! It’ll be a snow day for sure! But then Dad shows up and tells them to get ready for school. Soon the boys are sitting grimly bundled up in the back of the Mercedes, as Dad drives them to school.


Where, exactly, does this family live? In some rarefied area where everyone—the teachers, the crossing guard, the janitor—drives a Mercedes, so snow days just don’t exist? And another quibble: No Mercedes-driving family we’ve ever known would be so low-class as to have two brothers sharing a bedroom. For shame!

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor