Drinking themselves into a watery grave

Breaking from its usual abstemious habits, AdFreak’s New York contingent ventured into a beer bar the other night (“Blog walks into a bar…”) and was confronted by an odd sight: people drinking large amounts of water in addition to their alcoholic beverages. Indeed, one table of robust-looking adults had the temerity to ask the harried waitress for an entire pitcher of water. Needless to say, this can only have reduced the amount of beer they drank. Have New Yorkers taken Aquafina’s advertising to heart? Has the city’s water department been running its own ads urging the locals to drink more water? Not that we know of, though it’s true the reservoir levels are atypically high for this time of year. We seem instead to be witnessing a cultural shift in which people who go to bars are unembarrassed to order water chasers for their harder drinks. Instead of worrying about competing brewers, the likes of Budweiser and Miller should be counseling bar-goers to avoid a chancy beverage like water and stick with tried-and-true beer. At the very least, they should advise nightlifers to drink water only in moderation.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver