Drench water improvises with jazz hamsters

Suddenly, hamsters are all the rage. The U.K. spot above by CHI and Partners for Drench spring water features a swingin' hamster jazz band! The agency held mock auditions for the band a few weeks back, and there's footage from a full 20 sessions over at the YouTube page. Check out "Fats" wailing on the trumpet. He's no Miles Davis. In fact, he's clearly a hamster, so his ability to play at all deserves respect. They even have tiny instrument cases. How cuuute! Maybe they'll cut a ragtime theme song for Moochie. There was also that psycho hamster from the Swedish electronics campaign, but he was more into '80s pop, judging by the Hall & Oates soundtrack, or death-metal, based on his bloodthirsty attitude. Kia's giant hamsters, of course, had Soul. Via Adland.

—Posted by David Gianatasio