Dragon Noodle Co.’s wacky Asian invasion


In a print push for The Dragon Noodle Co., a Las Vegas restaurant/sushi bar located in the Monte Carlo casino complex, L.A. shop David&Goliath goes with the flow in a riotous fit of faux pan-Asian persuasion. The campaign's bright super-cheerful Chinese look resembles a eugenics experiment in which a box of exotic firecrackers mated with a Chairman Mao propaganda poster. The copy reads like Simpson-esque hyper-literal translations from a Japanese sales pitch: "Magic tingles await your inside body," "Hoist your feast pants" and "Come to our satisfaction palace, hunger man" are sprinkled alongside wacky images of roosters, cherries, carp, birds, blossoms, sushi with feet and the floating heads of infants and kittens. Those laugh-out-loud lines sound like fortune-cookie come-ons, but there's no denying that the ads break the cookie-cutter mold. (See below for large versions of all ads in the campaign.)

Posted by Becky Ebenkamp