Draftfcb Writer Living on Olympic Sponsors’ Products Alone

Terin Izil follows '5 Ring Diet' for charity

In a stunt that almost looks like a protest through the right pair of eyes, Draftfcb Chicago copywriter Terin Izil is raising money for kids with muscular dystrophy by limiting herself to "eating, drinking, wearing, and maintaining personal hygiene" with only Olympic-branded products. Given how insane the IOC has gotten over the years, this is pretty much how everyone attending the Olympics is supposed to live, too. Izil is keeping a blog of her experience, which she calls the 5 Ring Diet, and frequently encourages both visitors and sponsors to donate toward her $25,000 goal for Camp Promise, an organization she co-founded to help send kids with muscular dystrophy to summer camp. We should all pitch in and help her out, if only to spare her the indignity of having to fly United one more time. Via AgencySpy.