Dr. Sam Gustard, DDS, Imposter

Tooth_logoOne of the best New Yorker cartoons of all time shows a dog at a computer telling another mutt, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” In the blogosphere, it would seem, nobody knows you’re not Google’s live-in dentist. When a blog popped up purportedly from the Google dentist, who lives inside the mysterious Googleplex and treats engineers who drink too much soda, several blogs gleefully linked to the Blogger site, operated by “Sam Gustard, DDS.” (The San Jose Mercury News‘ Silicon Beat jumped all over Dr. Gustard’s site as part of what would seem to be a corporate mandate there to cover to death anything relating to Google, judging by the paper’s fascination with Google’s cafeteria services.) Trouble is, it seems that while Google does offer on-site dental care, the company forces its dentist to brave Silicon Valley traffic and go home. Dr. Gustard’s impersonation rudely exposed, Silicon Beat has beat a retreat with a humble “whoops.” Dr. Gustard would be advised to contact Jeremy Blachman, who parlayed his fake (and hilarious) Anonymous Lawyer blog into a nice big publishing deal.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey