Dr Pepper Ten Appeals to Non-Woman Crowd

Dr Pepper Ten is not for women. This is because only the 10 manliest calories survived the move from regular Dr Pepper. Check the ad below, from Deutsch/LA, where they say women don't enjoy action movies, and tell us to keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks to ourselves. I understand, on an intellectual level, why this campaign has come about. Diet-soda makers, concerned with the perception that diet drinks are only for women, are expanding their market to our nation's many obese men by making diet soda cool again for dudes. PepsiMax and Coke Zero (which I happen to drink) have both gone with this marketing strategy. But on an emotional level, I want to punch the next guy I see drinking a Dr Pepper Ten. I know it's possible to celebrate manliness without denigrating women. I've seen it done many times before. What's sad is when the best thing you have to say about being a man is, "Hey! At least I'm not a woman!" Even sadder, I can see how this is going to appeal in the same way that a "No girls allowed" sign on the clubhouse door appeals to a 7-year-old boy afraid of catching cooties. There is a manchild out there for whom this branding will work. But watch out, manchild. Bring that can near me, and you're cruisin' for a bruisin'.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.