Dr. Bronner’s crazy-ass Magic Soap labels

Maybe you’ve seen these before: the wacky labels on Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. (Click the image to enlarge.) This is what you get when your product packaging is designed by a philosopher who spent time in mental hospitals: labels stuffed to the gills with nutty religious rantings and ravings. (See other Magic Soap labels here.) The man himself, Emmanuel Bronner, preached an “All One God” faith as well as “Moral ABCs,” which he expected would unite the human race. He also, obviously, made soap. He died in 1997, but his family continued the business, and have vowed to leave the labels untouched as a memorial. If nothing else, they must set a record for use of explanation points. Read more about Dr. Bronner over at The Straight Dope. UPDATE: In comments, SD points out a documentary called Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox. Check out the trailer to see the doctor in action.