Dozens of Sheep Invade New York’s Bryant Park for Wool Promotion

Prince Charles's campaign weaves its way west

Prince Charles's Campaign for Wool is coming to the U.S. for the first time, making its preliminary stop in New York's Bryant Park today. There, 30 sheep are being penned in a 40-by-40-foot plexiglass enclosure, creating a pastoral setting for various wool-themed activities and interactive exhibits touted as a "Woolen Wonderland!" They also drained the park's fountain and filled it with wool and covered several trees in Christo-like fashion. (You'd think they'd have chosen the Sheep Meadow in Central Park, though perhaps that was too obvious.) The campaign's slogan, "All we are saying is give fleece a chance," encapsulates the lighthearted air surrounding its promotional efforts, which also include numerous fashion tie-ins and collaborations with artists. In fact, a bespoke mattress made entirely of wool is also on display, along with the craftsman who made it. So, head on down to the "luxurious wool salon." I'm sure it will be a sheer delight.