Downturn not kind to Modernista!’s anti-site

Of all the new agency Web sites out there, Modernista!'s probably created the most buzz when it was introduced last March. It acts as an anti-site, using the greater Internet to point visitors to info about the shop. Of course, nowadays, not all the info out there is pleasant. This week, an eagle-eyed AdFreak reader visited the site and clicked on the news. This generates search results about Modernista! from Google News. The first headline: "Modernista lays off two dozen." Ouch. There's a school of thought that says situations like this just show how companies need to maintain some control of their image. But there's another that says it's just keeping it real. Layoffs are just part of the territory nowadays, and probably not even something a company should be particularly ashamed of.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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