Download this: first ads for the video iPod

Ipod_bk_king1It’s taken only 22 days since the unveiling of the video iPod for someone to think up a way to cram an ad onto one, and the winner is … Burger King! The Home of the Whopper is sponsoring the fall season of’s Must Stream TV, which includes such apparently can’t-miss programs as Behind the Music that Sucks. Though the content will be free to the site’s 6 million unique monthly users—according to a release that plopped into our in-box—there was nothing we could find in the release that would tell us what form the sponsorship would take. We suggest you just go ask the people at Crispin. OK, now for our our obligatory paradigm-shift question: is it worth having BK ads on your video iPod in exchange for not paying even $1.99 for content? We promise to email your responses to Steve Jobs.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor