Dos Equis Spokesman Does the Most Interesting ‘Ask Me Anything’ in the World

Jonathan Goldsmith stops by Reddit for mine-clearing charity

You might think Dos Equis' mind-bendingly classy pitchman was too busy saving supermodels on the far side of the world to spend any time answering to the dweebish hoi polloi on an Internet forum. Guess again. Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays the brewer's "Most Interesting Man in the World," took to Reddit last week for an "Ask Me Anything" Q&A session with the site's community. While he's quick to point out he's had roles in some 350 movies and TV shows, he's also a crowd pleaser. The lion's share of his banter is very much in character. For example, what does he drink when he's not drinking beer? "A gin martini or almost anything from the Isle of Islay," of course. What are the seven words Eskimos use to call his beard? "Lovely, strong, ticklish, charming, mysterious, tasty, electric." How often does he get recognized? "Very often. A set of twins jumped out of a Rolls Royce to meet me in Hollywood traffic." His feelings toward fellow hyper-suave pitchman, Old Spice's Man Your Man Could Smell Like? "Isaiah [Mustafa] is a friend and a charming gentleman." But it's not all fun and games. Goldsmith did the Q&A to raise money for nonprofits Clear Path International and Mines Advisory Group, and their efforts to remove explosives from postwar zones like Vietnam. The actor's appearance has the masses clamoring for more, with one commenter challenging Dos Equis owner Heineken and Old Spice parent P&G to pair up Mustafa and Goldsmith for a "summer action blockbuster film," with part of the proceeds going to the mine-clearing cause. It's a great idea. Allow us to join in the pipe dreaming, and point out that the title more or less writes itself: "The Most Interesting Man Your Man Could Smell Like—in the World."