Dos Equis Puts 2 Fairly Interesting People, Erin Andrews and Luis Guzmán, in New Ads

Plus, rate your own interestingness with a Facebook app

Jonathan Goldsmith's Most Interesting Man in the World might have said adios (and flown off to Mars), but Dos Equis is hardly finished with its "Most Interesting" theme.

The Heineken brand just released two new ads, starring sportscaster Erin Andrews and actor Luis Guzmán, who are not the most interesting people in the world—but rather, the 5,008th and 8,507th most interesting, at least according to the comic spots. 

The 15-second ads, by Havas Worldwide New York, point to, which in turn points to the "Dos Equis Interesting Index," an algorithm built for Facebook that lets fans gauge their own interestingness, based on their social posts.

As part of the summer campaign, and in preparation for the brand's 120th anniversary, Dos Equis has also refreshed its logo and packaging, prominently featuring a coin evoking the Centenario, a Mexican coin first minted in 1921 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico's independence.

And yes, it seems we will eventually meet Goldsmith's replacement, as the new ads "build toward the announcement of Dos Equis' next "Most Interesting Man in the World," according to the brand. 

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