Dos Equis Ad Offers Advice for Hunting Wild Females

"Approach women like you do wild animals. With caution and a soothing voice." That's the headline of an inane Dos Equis print ad that not only offends women but adds an extra layer of insult by showing the world's least interesting Great White Colonial Man swaggering around in the brush with a pair of tribesmen at his side. Progressive! It's less sexist than that "Hubby is coming back … I must look fit and pretty" weight-loss ad from India, but also far less amusing. The copy's daft advice is especially laughable for the dudes depicted here. Those beer guts—an unfortunate side-effect of product use, perhaps?—should quash any hope of jungle love. Besides, they're overmatched when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, what with the new super-suave Old Spice stud on safari. Full ad after the jump. Via Jezebel.