Don’t waste time insulting Peyton Manning

McCann Erickson and MRM cast Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in this new TV and Web push for World MasterCard. Manning visits hotels in rival cities where the Colts play this season. In each, he trades on his "nice guy" persona, interpreting the hostility of staffers in positive ways. In Boston, a hotel operator warns Manning that he's "going down," and the QB replies that indeed he is—to the fourth floor for a massage. The Colts edged the Patriots 18-15 on Sunday, so that rubdown worked wonders. He should just snap "No tip!" to these bellicose bellhops. There's a microsite where consumers with nothing better to do can send friends and family a customized "video pep talk" from Manning. He covers his mouth when the recipient's name is dubbed into the message. Frankly, it's tough to make out what he's saying much of the time. This guy always sounds likes he's got a face full of doughnuts!

—Posted by David Gianatasio