Don’t leave home without…Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen_degeneresNow that Ellen DeGeneres is American Express’ new Jerry Seinfeld, AdFreak went to Ellen’s "My life. My card" AmEx site and checked it out.

The cool part this time around is that AmEx does something besides stream video, which made the Seinfeld shorts a little less than interactive. You can create videos of Ellen shaking her booty to the classic C+C Music Factory tune "Everybody Dance Now" or "Get Up" by James Brown and send them to her (she will pick her faves and share them — we think on the site — but it’s not entirely clear). You can also look in her journal, get a link to her show’s Web site and see a clip of her doing some schtick from her early days as a ventriloquist.

It’s a great promotion … for Ellen DeGeneres. While the whole thing takes place in an interface that has ample doses of the American Express, the link between spokeswoman and card remains tenuous, just as it was with Seinfeld. Which doesn’t mean AmEx shouldn’t keep trying to stretch the boundaries in branded entertainment. It’s just so damn nice of them to underwrite entertainment featuring some of our favorite stars.

–Posted by Catharine P. Taylor