Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere, ever.

If you’re looking to
curb your appetite, and caffeine pills just aren’t doing the trick, you might
try bookmarking the 30 Days of Spam blog. Tyler Riewer
says he is eating Spam with every meal this month, all to promote the
release of The Book of Spam. If you were just to look at the topic and
surprisingly good photography, you might think Hormel was subsidizing the blog project.
But that impression doesn’t last long when you actually read the posts, such as
“7 Things You Learn While Eating SPAM for 30 Days.” The top lessons are: “
What was once ‘irregular’ is now ‘regular,’” and,
“Stop making extras… no one else wants any.” For those
who enjoyed the Internet classic “Steve don’t eat it” and would like to shed a
few pounds by imagining a diet of potted meat, this is the blog for you.

—Posted by David Griner